Rooster with two Wheels

Over the last few weeks, I have been involved in this project. It created for 2017, year of the rooster, a personal work. For this piece, in particular, the first one of the year, the last one of the monkey year 2016. (Jan 27th is the date of Chinese new year) In china, posting a new year painting is a tradition way to celebrate the spring festival and expresses happiness and hopeful thoughts for the coming year. This is where the idea came from. I wanted to paint a poster in my style to post in my studio.

In this illustration, it’s a rooster riding a Vespa on a road. He has so many stories and fantastic experience. He looks very bad, angry and unfriendly. But in the bottom of his heart, he’s just a kindful kid. He is the member of BACA biker clan. He’s an on-the-run vigilante. He loves StarWars and sport. The BlueJays pin hints where he comes from. He born with a mohawk “hair style”, but he was so tired of been calling “the Red mohawk”. So he fixed his tattoo into “Ballhawk”. And there are more hidden stories in this poster.

It has been really fun and of course, a complete challenge to face different Adobe programs. The very first sketch was a pencil drawing. As usual, the illustration was made in Adobe Illustrator, and the texture and hue were adjusted in Photoshop. In the end, I used After Effects to bring him alive.

I hope you like it and most of all, that the rooster year brings the best of omens for you all. Happy new year!

These symbols are designed for the pins, patches, tattoo and sticker in the illustration. Some of these are my previous logos. These symbols are trying to express a biker culture and my own experience. (Of course, I’m not biker, and this is my first time to draw a biker theme, but it was really fun to do). I’ve always been loving to mix some of my real stuff in a fictional artwork Some pins and patches are not collected here because they belong to an existing brand or association. Like the rebellion logo from Star Wars, NASA patch, Toronto Blue Jays pin, Routes 66 patch…

There is a fun fact about an important patch, the BACA logo. A few month ago, I saw the story about BACA on the internet. I was so touched and excited. (Google BACA to find out)  They are true heroes in real life. To tribute BACA, I place its logo in my works. It’s my way to support those kind and tough guys. 

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