Mr Sub Advertising

Mr Sub Advertising

Advertising & Illustration

This is an advertising class project. We need to create a visual ad for Mr Sub. I create a poster and a magazine page ad. The slogan is “Size does matter. Bigger, better, Bulkier.” I drew each word from this slogan in different yummy style and placed them in a sandwich with bacon, tomato and onions. The visual plumpness is very full because I want to deliver a sumptuous and delicious feeling to audiences. Every colour of the food elements in this drawing is in a warm tone. I hope people will have a good appetite through this ad.

▼ Magazine Ad

publication inner page advertising

Here is the magazine page ad. As you see, this is a folded double pages ad. The real content is hiding in the folded inner part. The unspoken words of the image is actually: Try the bigger size sandwich at Mr Sub. I think this is a good way that makes an interactive ad for readers.

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