Holy Crap packaging design

Holy Crap cereal food

packaging design

This project is for packaging design class. We required to rebranding an existing cereal Canadian food brand “Holy crap”. This is still a school project, even it base on a real brand. We mainly focus on the logo redesign and the package redesign. In this work, I’m trying to build up a cohesive and hardcore style. Thus, I drew this broken tattooed hand that holding a spoon with a peelable logo sticker.

< Logo concepts

Here are some process concepts of logo design, and this is the first step of this packaging redesign. They are all typographic logo that I try to use slab serif font, calligraphy font, creepy cartoon font and brush font to build up its style. All of them are attempting to tell a hardcore and loud voice.

Packaging design >

I chose to use the paper bag as its package material. This is its flat view of front and back print contents. For this project, the instructor has no limit of its style, and he gave all of the contents and icons. That’s why I can make this dark and hardcore style for a breakfast cereal food brand.  I think, my target market is those young adults or college students. The hand that is holding a spoon is pointing down to contents, The logo is a peelable sticker that they can place it in anywhere.

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