Design Thinker Poster

Design Thinker Poster

Print & illustration


I created this poster for the Thinker Design event. My job is to make a poster for guests of Modern Dog. Modern Dog is a design company that was founded in Seattle Washington in 1987 by Robynne Raye and Michael Strassburger.

It is an internationally acclaimed design studio that creates an imaginative, bold and playful design in interactive and print medias. I created this poster by using my style to represent its playful feeling. I enjoyed the process of its creation.


I drew these two concept sketches when I got this mission. As required, I bring two landscape format with a similar idea: dog.

First one is kind anthropopathic. The object is a decent puppy. My goal is to show its personality. The second draft, also the final selection is an exaggerated dachshund with many elements that related design and creativity.

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