Anti-Shark Fin Poster

Anti-Shark Fin Poster

illustration Artwork

Shark fin soup is a traditional dish at weddings and banquets in China. Over 8,000 tons of shark fins are processed each year. The fins only amount to 4% of a shark’s body weight. It means that some 200,000 tons of shark are thrown back into the sea and discarded. Meanwhile, no more than 12 people a year are killed by sharks worldwide. (via As a designer and a student, I have responsibility to appeal to the society, especially Chinese community to pay more attention to this issue through my illustration.

I drew this work in Adobe Illustrator. The title are designed as a word “FRIENDS”. It a combination of “FINS” and “RED” which means sharks are bleeding. I try to use a soft color to build up the whole color tone because I want to show the sharks warm smile and the bleeding truth at same time. Therefore, many related elements have been placed in many different frame to build up this artwork. Hope I can do a little favor for our friends that living in the vast ocean.

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