HELLO, I'm... Edwin Yang.

A explorer of creative fields with enthusiasm.

I am a Toronto-based graphic designer, concentrate on street art, illustration and photography, and apply them to my visual design style.

My style is very whimsical, funky and humor that could be unlimited to combine with any other art form. Bring audiences an optimistic, happy and positive feeling is my goal. I’m trying to inspire and guide people to a definite path from their tough issue. I think as a young, fearless and responsible designer, this is also my responsibility to the industry and society

Skill field

The service that I provide includes all of the creative fields. I’ll passionate on any creative project. I mainly concentrate on this field:

Graphic Design
Motion Graphic
Brand Identity


The design is more than creating an object. It is a journey that requires different abilities along the way: Curiosity to understand why things are the way they are; empathy to uncover unmet needs; creativity to explore new concepts, forms, and approaches; discipline to drive continual refinement; and most important of all personal commitment to creating a unique experience for the clients.


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